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Texas County 911 

Located in Houston, Missouri, serving Texas County. Has the largest area to cover for a 911 center in Missouri, with Texas County being the largest county in square miles in the state. 



One of the biggest concerns in any emergency is being able to find the place where the emergency departments are needed. So many times the Ambulance, Law or Fire/Rescue department will be on the correct road but lose valuable time tying to find the correct house. The reason why?


Your driveway needs to be where emergency departments can find you in a hurry, you must display your address three inches or larger on both sides of a mail box or stake at the end of your personal driveway that is reflective


 (above: Small numbers on open gate, can you read them?)          (above: large numbers on post)

Not on a fence or gate, these can over time grow up with trees or climbing vines that block the numbers, or if on a gate and it gets left open the numbers may not not visible form the road any more. If you get regular mail then put it on your mail box if you use a Post Office box then put your numbers on a stake.This includes houses inside of city limits. Many do not have or have too small of numbers to read from the street.

The theory is if you can not read it driving past it, then you can not expect an officer, ambulance crew or fire department finding you in the middle of the night when its foggy, raining, snowing etc. And we all want to be found as quickly as possible during an emergency.



 Did you know: A mobile home can burn in less than 15 minutes. When calling for a mobile home fire dial 911 quickly give the address and get out fast! Never return into a burning building, the smoke and fumes can over come a person with in seconds.

Don't worry about the family pet, the fire department will try to get them out as soon as they can. Remember a scared animal will hide or could run out past you and you would be in grave danger. They are smaller and lower to the floor and will survive with less oxygen than you and I. So wait and let the fire fighters take care of getting out the fire, making it a safe scene and finding your pet for you.


Remember Cell Phones do not come up with the callers address on the 911 PSAP's. Callers need to know their address/location.         

PSAP's (public safety answering point) are enhanced computers that dispatchers answers 911 calls with. The computer screen on land line phones shows phone number, name and address of the person who is calling. Cell phones do not show your address, it only shows the phone number, name of cell phone carrier, address of cell tower that the call has bounced off of. 911 is going Phase II and we are now starting to get the X-Y's on a lot of phone cells as the cell phone company's makes the appropriate updates. Once they are done over 95% of cell phone callers will be able to be found using the X-Y's from where they make the 911 call from.

DO NOT give old Cell Phones to children to play with. They can still call 911 if the battery is charged. They can and have tied up 911 lines for real emergencies, which could cost a life.


Teach your children their address. Very small children have saved family members by knowing their address or locations and by just knowing that another family member has a medical condition. Such as mommy has a sugar problem or grandpa has a bad heart. Just a little bit of information can get help in just seconds.


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Executive Director: Donna G Robertson

Business Phone: 417-967-5309   Fax: 417-967-5301

Email: TexasCounty911@hotmail.com

Mailing Address: Texas County 911, PO Box 494 Houston, MO 65483




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