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 Wri-Tex E911 is funded solely off of the land line phones sur-tax. Revenues are dropping daily with people removing their home phones and going strictly to cell phones. Missouri is the only state in the US that does not collect cell phone taxes for 911. 

Wri-Tex E911 gets daily updates from CenturyLink showing new installs and deleted customers.

Since Jan 01, 2010 to April 17, 2010 there has been 813 new installs and 1022 deleted customers. The deleted customers keep going up and the new installs are going down, doing the math shows why we like other 911 centers are losing revenues fast.

Most of the 911 centers have either went with a county sales tax or is in the process of getting their centers on the ballot for changing over to a county sales tax.

Wri-Tex E911 is now looking at going with a county sales tax also. Losing the enhanced part of 911 would be a major step backwards. There would be NO PSAPS, NO X-Y coordinates, NO automatic address-name-phone number, NO 911 as we now all know it. It would be like you picking up your home phone with caller-id and trying to find someone who hung up, batteries went dead or was in a dangerous domestic dispute and the phone taken away or just simply no reception. And then trying to call them back and not getting an answer, now where do you send help too? 

More on this subject will be posted as more information is released. So keep checking back. Thanks

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