Texas County 911

911 When Seconds Counts.........

                       Texas County 911 serves Texas County in Missouri

The people of Wright and Texas counties saw the need of having a 911 center. They voted in the fall of 1993 to implement  a two county 911 system.

Wri-Tex E911 went on line on January 15, 1995

Dispatching 32 agencies ambulances, fire departments and first responders/rescue.

Wri-Tex E911 has 3 PSAP'S (public safety answering point's) and at least two dispatchers on duty, we currently have 8 full time and 3 part time dispatchers.  The dispatchers attend several classes and have been certified by National Academies for Priority Emergency Medical Dispatch Certification.

In 2014 the people again stepped up to save our 911 system. And the two counties split into separate 911 center. Thus we became Texas County 911.


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Executive Director: Donna G Robertson

Business Phone: 417-967-5309   Fax: 417-967-5301

Email: TexasCounty911@hotmail.com

Mailing Address: Texas County 911, PO Box 494 Houston, MO 65483